Everything needs to change. And it has to start today.

[UPDATE3] I hope you and your loved ones are safe in these difficult times. Whatever our experience and our appreciation of this crisis which affects half of humanity, we have certainly all been deeply touched, both in our daily life and in our relationship to the world.

Never in my life have I found this phrase from Greta more true and I subscribe to it today with my whole being.

I wish that in the near future, we'll collectively realize, each in our subjective realities, the need to initiate a real change of civilization if we are to survive and overcome the consequences of our own relentless logic.

Take care.
[UPDATE1] "Art, Propaganda and Heteronomy" https://artstation.com/wootha/blog/oO7B
[UPDATE2] "Art, Reality, Imagination and the Future" https://www.artstation.com/wootha/blog/AonW