Concept Art Learning Essentials

[Draft] Very early draft that I'll keep refining over time.

I'm often asked about good sources for learning concept art, so here's a minimalistic list of resources I often recommend because they played a vital role in my understanding of image making. Each of this resources worth every penny and hour I've been invested in.

Old Masters

Right, this is such a huge subject that it's almost ridiculous to try to make a list. Anything you can learn about the old masters is gold. But here's a list of 3 movements or periods I comeback often to:

  • The Hudson River School painters
  • The Orientalist painters
  • The mid XIXth to early XXth Russian painters

James Gurney

  • Color and Light for the realistic painter
  • Imaginative Realism

Scott Robertson

  • How to Draw
  • How to Render

The Gnomon Workshop

  • Online subscription to the library


  • Nathan Fowkes twin courses on composition and color and light

Ian Roberts

  • Mastering Composition

Greg Albert

  • The simple secret to better painting