3 Photoshop Sketching Brushes

Sketching in 2D has been for a long time a really difficult thing to me.

The more I developed 3D skills, the more it seems obvious to sketch in zbrush, keyshot and photoshop. Except that sketching in 2D is excessively fun and pleasant and I was a bit frustrated not to be creative that way.

Every brush packs I was trying around was supposed to be fantastic, but I couldn't figure the proper way to use the tools the same way the author did and as a result I couldn't get creative with them. They were just fine for paint-over and detailing, but not that much for ideation.

Until I started to design my own brushes! For a month or so, I worked everyday for a couple hours at designing brushes in batch, trying to understand what kind of behaviors I liked and mastering slowly the subtleties of the Adobe Photoshop brush engine.

As I was experimenting with my new brushes, I was finding myself feeling more creative with the 2D medium, up to the point where random doodles turned, without really thinking about it, into sketches. Sketching this way relieves a lot of creative pressure and is really refreshing.

This pack contains 3 free brushes I particularly like for their ability to be used at large and medium sizes. They have that nice unpredictability and yet they generate complex and interesting textures and edges that spark my imagination.

What's your experience with designing brushes? Is it a practice you find important to your own creative process? Do you manage to be creative with brushes designed by others? 

Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.